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Ed Arenas

Producer | Casting Director

Producer, Executive Producer, and Casting Director Ed Arenas has been in the film industry for over 25 years. He entered the business world in 1992, and although continuing his academic protocols, kept seeking a way to pursue his true passion in film and television. A few years later he left the corporate world, and immediately became immersed in every aspect of the film industry creatively, as well as "hands on." After working as a production assistant and production coordinator, earning a "best boy" crew member credit, he became personal assistant to director Russell Mulcahy (Highlander). It was during that period where he got involved with the casting process.


Always a champion of independent filmmakers, Ed Arenas has had the privilege to have had two award winning films go to Sundance Film Festival (2000 "Things Behind the Sun" - Allison Anders, and 2004 "Inside Deep Throat" - Brian Grazer), as well as the Tribeca Film Festival (2014 "Sunlight Jr." - Laurie Collyer), and most recently best film winner at the Liverpool Film Festival (2018 "Off the Rails" - Damian Fitzsimmons). Since then, Ed has worked on over 100 feature films, as Exec. Producer, and “lead” casting director, and has recently finished producing the feature film “REEFA” , the true story of the graffiti artist that was tasered to death in Miami Beach. He is currently working to quickly build package and help produce and cast cost effective, quality films and television projects using private equity, to have quick turnaround in distribution. 


Ed splits his time between Miami, New York and Los Angeles, and his affiliation to such notable projects has allowed him to cultivate synergistic relationships for financing feature films and television. He has had the honor of working with Academy Award winning directors and renowned casting directors such as Darren Arronofsky, Gore Verbinski, James L. Brooks, Steven Soderbergh, David Frankel, David O’ Russel, Oliver Stone, George Lucas, Tony Scott, Jonathan Demme, Bryan Singer, Taylor Hackford, Steven Speilberg, Luc Besson, John Badham, Denise Chamian, Bonnie Timmerman, Kerry Barden, Billy Hopkins, Mary Vernieu, Ellen Chenoweth, Marjorie Simkin, Roger Mussenden, Fern Orenstein, Todd Thalor, Bonnie Zane, as well as championing some of the best “indy” directors like David Mamet , Tim Story, Alison Anders, P.J. Hogan, Laurie Collier, Robert Townsend and Abel Ferrara.


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